Building a Planet Where People & Nature Thrive

We are on a mission to combat climate change crisis, educate, uplift communities and restore biodiversity. Join us as we shape a brighter future for people and our planet


Our team constantly find ways to effectively orientate indigenes and align them with our passion to save the planet from their own environment.


We partner with global brands to conduct research programs that are locally relevant to the ecological needs of our host environment.


We train indigenes of host communities on how to access the opportunities inherent in tilling the land without degrading or deforesting the environment.


We are accelerating the re-establishment of healthy forests. Join our mission to plant trees in degraded and deforested areas across Nigeria.

Renewable Energy

Apeare is creating a climate-resilient and zero-carbon world that is powered by renewable energy in briquette production and biogas production.

Biodiversity Protection

Join us in our quest to protect nature ecosystem. We are protecting the variety of life on earth through ecology, exploration, and education.

All activities carried out by human have an impact on the earth; our causes are geared towards mitigating climate change crisis
and its impact on the environment


MOVEMEARTH is an action to move the earth towards a more sustainable future…:Learn More→

Tree Planting

We aspire to help people unlearn some myths surrounding tree-planting…Learn More→

Climate Change Ed Tech

We empower youth by training them on how to use geospatial technologies like GPS and GIS for management of natural resources…Learn More→

Join us to build a climate-smart generation

Climate Action

We advocate for inclusive action to address climate change. The heavy toll that climate change is taking on impoverished communities needs to be addressed. Join us to educate indigenes and call for policies that invest in clean, renewable, and sustainable energy.

Climate Education

Join us on our mission to educate people, advice policy makers on the need to protect biodiversity and conserve natural resources. Together we can reverse the effect of climate change, tackle the threats driving the climate crisis, and protect and restore the environment.

Our Team

Our team is the key to our success. Meet some of the amazing people who are driven by the passion to have a world with abundant trees
clean energy and healthy environment

Wasiu Alimi

(Director of Outreach & Strategic Initiatives)

Agbaje Abbas

(Consultant, ESG)

Ajenifuja Debo

(Consultant, Environmental Conseration)

Aminat Olawoyin

(Program Coordinator)

Olayiwola Jackson

( Consultant, Biodiversity)

Oluwagbemi Celestine Omololu

(Senior Program Manager)


We are changing the world; creating an environment where human and natural habitat thrive one community at a time.
Here are some of our impact stories…

“Inun Mi Dun Si Eko Ti Mo Ko Leni, Mo se Leri lati Da Ekun, Ipa Igbo Lara ati Lati Mo Nipa Ona Mi Ran Ti
Ale fi Se Eto Ina Yato Si Ina NEPA”

I am happy about what you have trained me on today and I promise to stop deforestation and to learn about other ways to generate electricity apart from the one from the National Grid.

Shakiru Akinlabi

“Eto Yi Dara Pupo. Ese ti Ede Wa Leko Lori Aise Dede Igba ati Nkan Ti Ohun Fa. Inun Wa Ma Dun Ti Eba Le Te Si Wa Ju Pelu Iru Eto Bayi.”

This is a very laudable program. Thank you for educating us on climate change and its causes. We would be glad if you continued to involve us in your programs.

Osho Aramide

Thank you for what you have done for us today. This program has enabled us to understand what climate change is and how our actions contribute to it. On behalf of all participants, I say a big thank to you and your organization.


Thank you for sensitizing us on the benefits of trees in our environment. Now, we understand their importance for our wellbeing, and we will take diligent care of them. We would like that you train us on how to cultivate miracle berry (Thaumatoccous danielli) as an alternate income source that will reduce our dependence on sales of fuelwood.

Sarah Oladele

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